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Nature within nature where all living beings, surroundings, its animate and inanimate forms blends into harmony is the dream of Vasthukam.

Listen, the mud earth will tell the story.

A building should be a biotic form. It should breathe life and exhale energy to the inmates who move around under the roof. It can be achieved only through sustainable construction solutions where a house becomes an inevitable part of nature and the people feel the splurge of nature both inside and outside. This intellectual pursuit takes us to the fusion of aesthetic sense, economic sense and common sense. There is a clear and vehement answer to those people who are still worried about the way they build houses. The answer is

"Go back to the Nature and recapture the green we are losing day by day."

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Vasthukam The Organic Architects

Vasthukam - the organic architects, started by Mr P K Sreenivasan, is under the pursuit of bringing back the green earth. He had his greatest building experiences while working under the master craftsman and the chief architect of Cost Ford, Mr Laurie Baker. That was the beginning of his journey seeking the answer how far a building can be cost-effective and eco-friendly fulfilling the dreams of layman.

He was one of the main engineers who brought forward the exposed laterite buildings in the year 1992. But still he was concentrating on the importance of making a house more eco-friendly and greener by experimenting with other natural materials.

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